Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Testing & Improvements

Developer website testing must go beyond the initial launch to become an ongoing maintenance task. Launching does take a lot of time and energy, but if you want your website to flourish, then you need to test and improve your site consistently. We track and measure everything. You won’t believe the interesting things we can learn about your site and its visitors. Based on the feedback your users provide we will improve your website accordingly.

Site speed is key to both visitors and search engines alike. 47% of customers expect a site to load in two seconds, and 40% will abandon the visit if it takes more than three seconds to load. Google rewards sites that are mobile friendly with a special tag and better rankings. Testing and improving increases conversions and sales. Focus on running your business and let us focus on running your website.

Continued Website Maintenance And Support For Better SEO

The purpose remains the same, to build awareness or sell a product, your site cannot sit till. W’re frequently surprised at how often a carefully designed website looks and feels the same after six months or even a year laterFor a site to be successful, you can’t forget about it and focus all your attention elsewhere on marketing the businessPotential customers only spend a few seconds browsing your site before they decide to move on. Established customers want a reliable online experience every time they log in. A stale and stagnant site is sure to lead your consumers straight into the arms of the competition.

Website Security & Maintenance Services

Our job is simple. Keep your website up to date, secured, up and running, and bug-free. Standard maintenance on your website keeps it looking great and running fast. We monitor for up time and performance including daily or monthly backup and can also consult, plan and strategize with on what isn’t working well. From broken links to outdated content to make larger updates and even revamp it as needed. Our proactive approach is to secure potential threats before they become a problem. If these updates are not performed it can make your website a target. Maintaining a site requires version updates, plugin upgrades, and hardware maintenance.

Website Maintenance & Support

Our website maintenance and support services are available by phone from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm. We adhere to strict policy, quick turnarounds, affordable pricing, and, above all, quality work. Facego offer website maintenance services along with complete webmaster support. From changing text and pictures to adding pages, internet marketing, and search engine optimization.

Maintain and Update Your Website!

Owning a website is like owning a car, or a house. You have to maintain it on a regular basis or it could end up breaking. We hosts and maintain websites to keep them loading fast and bug free.

Content & Graphics

Your website is often the first impression you will make on your customers. So a well maintained site is essential to attract and keep them engaged. Do you have news or events on your site? Keeping that information current is critical in making your company feel the cutting edge.

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Website Maintenance

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