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Social Media Management

Social media management is a powerful way to market and reach your consumers. Don’t have the time to manage everything yourself? Not sure how it all fits together? That’s why we are here.

Bridge the gap with your audience

Nobody will argue the importance of Social Media Marketing, it has become a focal part of all business. We analyse and identify the best platforms for your business and targeted audience, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram among others.

We can help create your social media templates, shops, make regular posts and more, you can have as much or as little input with us as you want. You just need to provide us with regular news and features from your business.

Advertise on Facebook and Instagram

Social media advertising opens a whole world of targeted marketing. Send your message to exactly the kind of people interested in hearing it! The PPC (Pay-Per-Click) model means that you only pay when someone either sees or clicks on your ad, so you don’t waste money on marketing to the wrong people. Facebook and Instagram marketing are also a great way to build awareness!

Increased brand visibility

Social Media Management has become very important for business. It allows you to put your brand out there and increase brand awareness with your target market. Give your brand a voice.

Increase conversions using Social Media Management

Social media management is a wonderful way to increase traffic to your website and turn your audience into customers. Social media allows you to reach new audiences and expand your customer base.

Engage with customers

Social media management is all about, you guessed it, being social. It is all about engagement and engaging with your audiences. It is a great way to go from being a distant brand, to an involved brand. And it can make a big difference. Don’t lose out on reaching new audiences and promoting your brand.

Stay competitive

If your competitors are on different social platforms and you aren’t, you might be missing out. Putting your brand out there using the different platforms available might be a necessity in order to stay competitive. Different platforms can allow you to reach different audiences and in different ways. Not sure which platform to use? Don’t stress, we can assist.

Customer care

Social Media Management also allows for improved customer care. You are able to interact with your consumers and address any questions or queries that occur to help build a positive brand image. When it comes to being social, it helps to make your brand more relatable.

How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost?

Pricing varies due to the nature of social media and what is required per project. So please feel free to arrange a consultation so we can discuss it in detail and set out a strategy with no commitment. We do however have a minimum entry-level service.

Please contact us to discuss this in more detail.

Social Media

per month
  • Account integration included
  • Post scheduling
  • Monthly strategy meeting (optional)
  • Monthly report
  • Approve every post
  • 1 x Weekly SEO friendly posts on Facebook and Instagram (All posts will be the same on all 2 platforms but changed slightly to suit each platform.)
  • 4 x Image posts

Social Media

Starter Plus
per month
  • Account integration included
  • Post scheduling
  • Monthly strategy meeting (optional)
  • Monthly report
  • Approve every post
  • 1 x Weekly SEO friendly posts on Facebook and Instagram (All posts will be the same on all 2 platforms but changed slightly to suit each platform.)
  • 4 x Image posts
  • R1012 advertising budget incl. VAT (4 x R220.00 excl VAT Facebook)
  • 4 x Paid Image advert

This package is only available in 6 months or 12 months periods. All Invoices are payable in advance and must be paid before or by the last day of each month. 

Grow your Social Community

There are no limits! Run competitions, sell products on social platforms, run advertising campaigns and more.

Reaching New Audiences

We can create ad campaigns, write news and posts and engage with your audience, this will help grow your online presence.

Optimising Results

We track results and adapt to ensure each campaign is as successful as possib.e. The Return on Investment (ROI) has to be worthwhile.

After care and support

We are always on hand supporting our customers, even after your website or design project is complete, whatever you need, no matter what the request, we are always here to help.

Facego Designing Creative, flexible and affordable website design.

Social Media Management, Step by Step

We work closely with you to set out goals and objectives and keep your brand on point. Thereafter we keep in touch with you regularly for any post-worthy news or updates that your audience will be interested in.

Research Audience

Working with you closely we will establish your target audience. We must know your audience, it is key to success. Knowing our target market allows us to start right.

Create a Strategy

We identify a Social Media strategy: What are the goals we want to achieve, which industries we are going to target, what type of media are we going to publish.


Design or Re-design your existing social media account pages, ensuring your brand is precise and on point. Develop advertisement and post templates and more.

Begin Posting

A Social Media specialist will start crafting and posting your content, including copywriting, they will post to each platform on a specified weekly rotation defined at Strategy stage.

Engage, Analyse

We will respond and interact with your followers, ensuring they have everything they need. Monthly analysis reports will be created and delivered direct to you.

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