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A brand new website will help grow your business, increase your income & let you focus on the things you love most.

Facego is passionate about helping businesses grow.  Building websites for small and medium businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs & sole traders is what we love the most.  Using experience, technology and creativity, Facego delivers professional websites that are SEO-ready at an affordable price.

Businesses need to examine and adapt their existing business strategies, cost structures, and monetization models. We at Facego believe that a “silver bullet” approach to technologies doesn’t make for a winning business model.

Responsive Website
Design & Redesign

Facego websites are custom-crafted for each client. Elegantly designed to express your unique brand, and fulfill your user’s needs.

Branding and identity are critical for all products and services. That’s why Facego focuses on visual impact and first impressions. By capturing visitors’ attention, your site will generate more interaction and engagement.

Responsiveness is also critical when people access your site on their mobile phones. Facego will ensure your pages are as quick and responsive as they need to be. Resulting in lower bounce rates and longer interactions.

Digital marketing encompasses a range of strategies. Facego applies techniques and campaigns, to increase the online presence of your company. Facego websites don’t only look amazing, they also perform well.

Facego considers your content strategy and information architecture. We also look at user pathways and how to market your site to your audience. These services can be completed as individual requirements. Clients need to realize that a combined strategy will yield better results.

Facego ensures that your website is user-friendly. Our websites also seamlessly integrate across browsers and mobile devices.

Responsive Design

Automatic adjustment and compatibility to all smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktop computers.

Booking Engine

Powerful booking tool where you can increase your sales while your customers can have a pain-free experience.

Website Redesign

Upgrading your existing website to the latest technology, beautiful effects, powerful features and more engaging content.


Online shop with impressive product display, product attributes, discount coupons, shipping and payment gateways.

Social Media Integration

If you're using Social Media platforms, we will integrate these with your website. If you're not, we can help you set them up!

Wordpress Website

We use WordPress to design your business website, it is the preferred CMS and your website will grow with you.

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Online Business Made Easy

Facego is recognized as one of the leading web design companies in South Africa. We do not compromise on design quality, and as one of the most innovative web design companies in South Africa, we deliver result-oriented solutions.

Onsite SEO

Optimizing your website according to Google’s guidelines in order to perform better and be SEO friendly.

Keyword Research

Research to find all the related keywords and choosing the most suitable ones that have high quality but low competition.


Patience is essential. We’ll develop the best strategy that’s focused on producing increased traffic & rankings hopefully in 3-6 months. We say what we do, we do what we say.

SEM Techniques

Sometimes you visit a website, then on your Facebook see an ad from the website you just visited? It is called “remarketing”, this is one of the many techniques we can do for you.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization
SEM – Search Engine Marketing

SEO is all about getting to the top of search rankings. Keywords and backlinks to content marketing and onsite optimization. Facego has what it takes to start ranking high on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search.

Your ad budgets are tight, and your competition is fierce—we get it. We also know how easy it is to waste money on badly designed ad campaigns. To ensure paid advertisements give you good returns we spend a lot of time with you.

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Social Media Marketing

Increase your reach through social media. Managed SMM Packages from only R649 per month.

Social Media Marketing

When we set up a website, part of the process is to analyse your current social media presence and marketing. In the age of social media, businesses must be open with their customers and clients. It is important to find out what they like, what they dislike, and what ideas they can share with you.

Facego can create a comprehensive Social Media Marketing strategy and project plan. The strategy will clearly outline measurable goals for social media profiles. We produce measurable short and long-term goals and evaluate campaign performance.

We have a diverse team of social media specialists to ensure your next post on Social Media makes noise for the right reasons.

Facego`s social team will make sure your content is on the right platform and is being seen by the right audience. Whether you are a big brand or a small business. Facego has the right platform for you Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat or WhatsApp. Take a look at what we can offer you:

Social Media Marketing

We help businesses use social media marketing to increase brand awareness and engage with customers and build conversions.

Social Media Strategy

The secret sauce to any plan is the right strategy for your objectives.

Platform Set-up/Management

We can spruce up an existing page or create a new one and ignite conversations with your fans and followers.

Monthly Content Calendars

A perfect pairing of images, videos or animations with punchy copy that will build your brand narrative and catch your fans’ eyes.

Breathe Life into Your Business

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Great Design

We take pride in designing show-stopping websites and marketing campaigns for every need & niche.

High Security

Facego provides an all-encompassing website, protected from malware, hackers and other online security threats.

Fast Support

Facego provides support on a per email basis and will respond to all support tickets without delay.

Security Updates

From SSL certificates and updates to cleaning and scanning, your website is secure with Facego.

Content Updates

Tweaking content and changing content needs to happen more often you might think—sometimes every day. We respond to change requests quickly, where you need it and when you need it.

Plugin Updates

All the plugins must be up to date in order to avoid security breaches and getting attacked. These updates could easily break your website, so they should be done properly. Therefore certain procedures must be followed—which we do for you.

Small Features

You might want to add some new features to your website such as live chat, an image carousel, customized forms, portfolio, testimonials, pop-up promotion banners, etc. We will be happy to help you with adding these little features for you. All you have to do is ask.

Maintenance & Support

Owning a website is like owning a car, or a house. You have to maintain it regularly or it could end up breaking. We host and maintain websites to keep them loading fast and bug-free. If new business owners learn one thing quickly, it’s that websites are never “finished”. Just like our cars, our houses, and even our bodies; our web platforms need ongoing maintenance.

We work hard to ensure we’re doing all the necessary updating and fixing needed to ensure your site is functioning as well as it can be. And just as you can’t have any home, automobile, health catastrophes, we monitor your site and respond immediately to any major issues.    

We are comfortable with completing website maintenance tasks for most sites. Many clients have websites but need a reliable, trustworthy and efficient website maintenance team to complete either small or large updates. After we complete a web audit we can comfortably give you the number of hours for set tasks. We keep you abreast of where we are, pop the changes onto a test server and when you are happy we make the changes live. Clients enjoy that detailed logged files are kept. We are happy to negotiate on rate depending on the nature of the project and its long-term potential.

Lady shopping online on a Facego designed online store
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E-Commerce Websites

We design eye-catching websites that perform with a simple to use user interface. A seamless user experience will make online shopping a breeze for your customers. 

Commission Free Online Food booking app Built For Your Restaurant

Online Food Ordering System

Our Commission Free Online FoodBooking App, has been created to plug into your new or existing Website or Facebook page so you can start saving money in as little as 48 hours.

With Take-Aways Online Restaurant Online Foodbooking App customers can start placing orders directly from your website or Facebook page commission-free! We have a simple online food ordering system to be used by small and medium restaurants. This Foodbooking App transforms your smartphone or tablet into an order-receiving machine and streamlines your process of taking online orders for both pickup and delivery.

Give your customers the ability to order directly from your website or social media pages with our FoodBooking App, rather than routing them to a third-party site that lists you among competitors (and takes a commission on all of your orders).

Say goodbye paperwork
Hello more free time

GeoNext is our next-generation app that allows Trade and  Home/Field Service business to manage quotes, schedule jobs to staff, track job completion, send invoices and get paid faster.

Facego Designing Creative, flexible and affordable website design.

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